Travel adventures

Together with a guide you follow the footsteps of the game. Experience the bush in every fiber of your body. Join a group or create your own journey together with us.

Fly and discover more

Africa is as big as China, India, the VS and most of Europe put together. With an airplane you can bridge large distances quickly.

Shoot pictures like a pro

Hunt with your camera for the Big Five. We help you take the best shots.

Match of culture and nature

The combination of nature and culture makes for an inspiring trip.

Walking safaris

If you prefer to stay in a limited area and are in for a real adventure, then a multi-day walking safari might be something for you. You sleep around a campfire and experience the bush in an intensive way.

Professional guides

Our tours are led by qualified field guides, bush pilots and wildlife photographers.
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African Adventure Tours

Individual Tour: Kruger Safari, Reed Dance Festival, Swaziland

AUGUST 26 - SEPTEMBER 04, 2019 The Kingdom of Swaziland or more commonly known just as Swaziland is a small independent landlocked country in Southern Africa. As with all Kingdoms, they have their own unique culture, rituals, and ceremonies. Reed Dance Festival We
9 days
Aug-Sept 2019
Early Bird!

Air Safari Tour: Swaziland, Kruger, Zimbabwe and Botswana

JUNE 7-27, 2019 Experience the best of Southern Africa over water, land and through the air. This tour is packed with highlights. Join a Kruger safari, visit famous landmarks and experience local culture in South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Self-Fly Bush Experience
3 weeks
June 2019

Start your trip in either Cape Town or Johannesburg and fly through South Africa into Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and/or Swaziland. We help you find what is needed to convert your EASA or FAA pilot license into a South African PPL and to rent an aircraft. Our tours are led by professional field guides that take you as close as possible to the action.



Our tours are open to both pilots and non-pilots alike. We love Africa and sharing our knowledge and experience of the bush and African continent with you. Join us on one of our tours or let us create a custom-designed trip for you.

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