Africa is more than just wildlife The main attraction of southern Africa is its wildlife. Most of our guests come to the continent to experience the Big 5: the lion, leopard, black rhino, African bush elephant, and the African buffalo and to experience the African bush. It is just great to be in eye-to-eye contact

You want to go on safari. Should you book the lodges and safaris yourselves or book through a specialized Tour Operator? We, as African Flying Adventures, offer both group tours as well as assist those that want to go on a private safari themselves without joining a group. If you go on a group tour,

That “Out of Africa” feeling Sleeping in tents gives you that “Out of Africa” feeling as if you were in the movies together with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. Sleeping under canvas makes you experience the sounds of the African bush. There is something special about the sound of the bush and many Africa visitors

Wildlife Photography – Anticipatience Put the words anticipation and patience together, and you have a good recipe for wildlife photography. A big part of wildlife photography is about patience. You might have to wait a long time for that one ‘perfect’ shot, but missing that one picture is more the rule than the exception –