Do I get daily flight support?

Yes! On group tours, a pilot with extensive African bush experience will be flying along in a support aircraft. You will in such cases be charged an additional concierge service fee for the guides and pilot flying along. Flight support: each flying day you will get an extensive briefing discussing the weather as well as route options. The pilot will also bring along survival equipment and we have aircraft engineers on standby to support us where needed in case we run into mechanical issues that we can not easily solve while en route. Additionally, we track all participating aircraft from our back-office with satellite trackers and the support pilot coming along has a way to communicate by satellite link.

If you are not participating in a group tour, but flying on your own, we will support you from day to day with the clearances, permits, the filing of flight plans as well as giving you regional weather updates. However, we won’t be flying along with you in a support aircraft.