What should I bring along?

For Oddballs’ Camp in the June 2018 trip, the baggage you can bring along to the island is limited to 20kg per person, packed in soft bags only. The flights will be with Cessna 206/210 or equivalent aircraft from Maun to the Delta bush airstrip on Chief’s Island and operated by Delta Air.

Water levels in the Okavango Delta are not high every season: this can be a limiting factor on the mokoro excursions to short trips across channels to access areas for guided walking. Bring along good walking shoes with you. Although water activities can be limited due to the water level in the delta, this is very good news for game viewing, as with lower water levels game viewing is phenomenal.

If you are planning to fly as pilot in your own or rented aircraft, it is best to bring your own headsets for you and your passengers. If you bring a hand radio, the radio needs to go into the check-in luggage and cannot be carried on board as hand luggage when you fly commercial to South Africa.

If you are planning or want to participate in a walking safari or a sleep-out in the bush in the open air with one of our field guides, bring a sleeping bag and good walking shoes. In any case, it is advised to bring a hat to protect against the sun.

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