Our mission

The common ground we share is our love for Africa and the influence she has on our lives. We love to explore her beauty and ruggedness, meet her people with their respective cultures, and get up close with her abundant wildlife. We all, individually, have experienced that Africa has changed our outlook on life. We found that she has a way to touch your heart and show you what real value is. We are enthusiastic for others to experience Africa in that way too. In some instances it took us years to discover her hidden beauty and value. We believe that there is no better way to explore Africa than being led by someone who has experienced Africa first hand. An experience as care-free as possible, to get the most out of the experience as possible. Africa holds great adventures and fulfilment of dreams. We want to lead others on an exploration, an adventure of discovery. An Adventure to discover Africa, and in the process yourself.

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Our philosophy

Most of us live in a society governed by appointments, deadlines, and stress. It seems we cannot escape it in our daily life anymore and are drawn in. Do we really want to live this way, or did we as a society create our status quo? Who am I really? What makes me smile? Is it the deadlines and targets I need to meet? We are governed by time and the lack thereof. We have asked ourselves all above questions and found that real value lays in health, family & friends and the time to enjoy it together. By stepping out of our comfort zones, into a whole new environment, we break free from our set boundaries. For us that place is Africa where we meet people without watches but still have time. We learn to look at the world through their eyes and spend quality time together. A place where we submerge ourselves in nature and experience the thrill of getting up close to her wildlife. Afrika is for us the place to take a step back and let life rush by for just a moment and redefine what gives value to our live. And in that process create memories that will last a lifetime.

Follow these active links to discover through which means we want to achieve our goal: Flying Safaris, Guided AdventuresWalking Safaris, and our Wildlife Photography Pro element.