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Africa is a large continent. Air transportation is the best way to travel the long distances to get you from one safari lodge to the next. The best lodges are often located remotely and have their own airfield. African Flying Adventures is a South African Tour Operator specialised in Air Safaris, self-fly and fly-along safaris (where you fly along as passenger) bridging primarily the long distances between safari camps and points of interest in the Southern African region. Besides our group tours, we also work with clients to create private safari trips with or without a private safari guide coming along. You can join one of our safari adventures as a pilot or as a passenger with no piloting skills. Not all our tours and activities are done by air transportation: photography tours, as well as walking safaris, are both activities we offer with no self-fly component involved. We are passionate about Africa and believe that visiting Africa is often a life-changing experience.

For pilots with an EASA or FAA pilot license, we provide all the support you need in converting your license into a South African validated PPL license. We can also assist you in finding and renting a good quality and well-maintained aircraft in South Africa.

If you are not a pilot and would like to experience the vast African continent by air, you can join one of our Air Safari Adventures as a passenger. Fly along in the hired aircraft of a friendly participating pilot. Or make use of the seats available in the aircraft of a commercial pilot who flies along on many of our group tours. An Air Safari Tour takes you places where you can’t easily go by road.

Every single one of our Self-fly Safari Adventures starts in either Johannesburg or Cape Town. Our travels take us through countries such as South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, and Mozambique.


Our Team

This small but passionate and specialized team stands ready to assist you with your travel and adventure plans.

Sjoerd Jan ter Welle founded African Flying Adventures. He has flown over 1500 hours, many of which have been all over Africa and Europe. Through his experience, we can offer pilots all the support needed and answer the questions that might come to mind when considering a flying adventure in Africa. Sjoerd Jan is also a qualified game ranger and FGASA field guide and comes along on many of our group tours as private safari guide.  Sjoerd regularly comes along on Air Safari tours as a guide.

Johan Jansen van Rensburg lives in South African. Johan has his own runway right next to his house which is located not far from Kruger National Park. He has several aircraft from a Cessna 182 to a Bushbaby, which aircraft he keeps in his own hangar. Johan has a degree is forestry and is owner of a construction company in Lydenburg, South Africa. He is often embedded in the tours as a guide and is also able to help out with any mechanical or practical issues with aircraft. His passion is riding one of his KTM bikes on Enduro races in Africa.

Our bookings manager Welmien Foster lives in Cape Town and has an eye for perfection. She is our liaison on the ground, supporting us on our travels throughout Southern Africa by bringing her organizational skills and experience of the African way of working to the table.

Cape Town, South Africa

African Flying Adventures is an activity of THWI Build and Plant Hire Pty Ltd and a member of SATSA (South African travelguarantee fund).
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