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If you are a pilot, then flying yourself in Africa is a great experience when well prepared for it. This course prepares you for this "job," assuming you are looking to rent an aircraft in South Africa or Namibia to fly through either South Africa, Namibia, or through the region, including flights to countries such as Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, and/or Lesotho.

Getting your pilot license converted

You can quite easily get a South African (SA) or Namibian (NA) PPL license based on your own original (foreign) pilot license. The validated South African PPL license is restricted to VFR flights, valid for 5 years and for as long as your original EASA or, for example, FAA license and medical remain valid. The procedure to get the South African or Namibian license involves (a) some paperwork, (b) one theory exam in South African or Namibian air law, and finally (c) a briefing with a flight instructor on the specifics of flying in Africa and a checkride with the same flight instructor. After that, your SA PPL license is handed out to you on the spot if you arranged the paperwork ahead of your arrival into South Africa. If you opted to get your license validated in Namibia, you will have to wait a few days up to a week or a bit more for the NA CAA to process your application and issue the Namibian PPL license.



Free online course

This online course prepares you for the required SA Air Law theory exam, introduces you to all the specifics of flying in Africa, and gives you all the basic information needed to prepare well for your flying trip in Africa.



Course details

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction to the Flying in Africa online course
Unit 2 Non-radar Environment
Unit 3 Border-crossing Formalities
Unit 4 Navigation Charts and Filing Flightplans
Unit 5 Special Rules Areas
Unit 6 Bush Flying
Unit 7 Survival Equipment
Module 2 Part 12 - Aviation Accidents and Incidents
Unit 1 Aviation accidents and incidents
Module 3 Part 61 - Pilot Licences
Unit 1 Introduction to Pilot Licences
Unit 2 Student Pilot Licences
Unit 3 Private Pilot Licences (Aeroplane)
Unit 4 Class and Type Ratings
Unit 5 Night Rating
Unit 6 Medical Certification
Module 4 Part 91 - General Operating
Unit 1 General Provisions
Unit 2 Crew
Unit 3 Documentation and Records
Unit 4 Instruments and Equipment
Unit 5 Communication and Navigation
Module 5 Part 91 - Rules of the Air
Unit 1 Flight Rules
Unit 2 Visual Flight Rules
Unit 3 Instrument Flight Rules
Unit 4 Specific Provisions regarding Aircraft
Unit 5 Air Traffic Rules
Unit 6 Heights and Instrument Approach and Departure Procedures
Unit 7 Flight Operations
Module 6 Part 139 - Aerodromes and Heliports
Unit 1 Aerodromes and Heliports
Module 7 Helicopters (Optional)
Unit 1 Pilot Licensing (Helicopter)
Unit 2 General Operating (Helicopters)
Module 8 Certificate of Completion
Unit 1 Quiz
Unit 2 Assignment




After completing the course and passing all the online tests as well as a final assignment, you will receive a certificate of completion of this course. Bring that certificate with you to South Africa or Namibia and be assured that you come well prepared. If there is a lot of time in between completing this course and the date of your departure to Africa, we suggest that you review the study material again just before you depart to Africa so that all is fresh in your mind. The course is offered for free, and we hope we can help contribute a bit to the success of your travel to the African continent. The course is not a guarantee that you will pass your theory course or checkride in South Africa or Namibia, but it helps you to prepare well for your flying trip in Africa. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].



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