That “Out of Africa” feeling Sleeping in tents gives you that “Out of Africa” feeling as if you were in the movies together with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. Sleeping under canvas makes you experience the sounds of the African bush. There is something special about the sound of the bush and many Africa visitors

You want to go on safari. Should you book the lodges and safaris yourselves or book through a specialized Tour Operator? We, as African Flying Adventures, offer both group tours as well as assist those that want to go on a private safari themselves without joining a group. If you go on a group tour,

Nature’s impact In two previous posts, I discussed the value of guided tours opposed to unguided tours. Follow the link to The Essence of Guiding – 1 and The Essence to Guiding – 2 if you have missed these posts. Today I would like to elaborate on the impact of nature on the human mind.

An Impala Fawn Only 2 weeks ago we witnessed the birth of an impala. What a privileged sighting we had! If you missed that blog, read it here. As we know, life and death in the bush lie close together. We had experienced a quiet drive so far, as it was an overcast and windy morning.

New life during a morning safari It was near the end of October, and the rains had finally arrived! Slowly the bush was transformed with a lush green carpet of young grass. This was the time to witness that one rare sighting I had been hoping for, for years now. We were on our morning safari