Some participants of our Air Safaris self-fly or group tours in Southern Africa have been willing to share their experience with you on camera at the end of their trip and we started to collect them just recently in the fall of 2019. We hope that these stories will inspire you to come to Africa.

Two Leopards in One Tree

Kim and Welmien are both from South Africa and joined us in October 2019 as staff on one of our tours. In this first story, they share their enthusiasm for the African bush with you. Both Kim and Welmien are involved with African Flying Adventures as Kim is married to Johan, who together with Sjoerd runs African Flying Adventures, and Welmien is in charge of our reservations desk.

Kim and Welmien from South Africa

Air Safari Namibia

Carlos and Rosa went on safari with us for an Air Safari Tour through Namibia. They had been on safari before in Botswana about 6 years ago and were at that time introduced to the concept of flying from one lodge to the next as a way to save time while on a safari trip. We flew with them from Cape Town through Namibia to Windhoek and became friends.

Carlos & Rosa, San Francisco

Once in a Lifetime Experience

Yuri came to Africa and was initially not sure what to expect. He joined our 1-week 4x4Drive Adventure into Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana which included flights to Botswana from Johannesburg and back, a 4x4Drive Adventure in the Okavango Delta / Moremi Game Reserve and a classic safari at Limpopo-Lipadi Private Game Reserve, Botswana. Yuri was just one week in Africa but enjoyed every minute of it. Hear his story.

Yuri from The Netherlands

Overwhelming Experience

Henk signed up last minute. His normal glasses broke while he was on safari, so he was wearing his sunglasses instead. Henk had never been in Africa and recommends everyone to come and experience Africa.

Henk from The Netherlands

Father and Son flying Together through Africa

Gregory came to Africa with his father and flew around through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. We had the privilege to support them all along.

Swiss father and son flying through Africa

Leopards and Wild Dogs

Michael and Suzanne were only with us for a bit more than a week in Africa before they had to return home to Canada. Let’s hope they get the opportunity to come back again to complete the tour they had started.

Michael and Suzanne from Thunder Bay, Canada

Each day was Better than the Day before

Jim has been flying for over 40 years back home in Canada. Flying in Africa was a new adventure for him. The radio work was different and the airfields were sometimes challenging. Each day was better than the day before.

Jim, Northern Ontario, Canada

I don’t really want to go Home

Kathy came along with her husband Jim from Northern Ontario in Canada. She enjoyed the wildlife and felt at ease in Africa and did not want to go home at the end. The Coronavirus travel restrictions had started to kick in when their trip was about over and they were able to get back home safely via London back to Canada.

Kathy, Northern Ontario, Canda

Africa was Totally Different to me from what I had Imagined before

Hans visited us twice in Africa prior to joining our Air Safari Tour and had his pilot license validation already arranged during a previous visit with us. To him, Africa came as a pleasant surprise meeting up with friendly people, enjoying good food and feeling safe all over while flying around in Southern Africa.

Hans from Austria

An Experience I will probably Never forget in my Life

I had been dreaming about coming to Africa for a long time and this was just a dream come true. Every day was a new adventure. Flying to Swaziland and landing on a short bush airstrip was one of the highlights to me. We were welcomed there by locals dancing around our aircraft.

Armin from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rafting on the Zambezi River was one of my highlights

Azra came along with Armin from Bosnia and Herzegovina and could only join our Air Safari tour a bit later. She flew commercially to Victoria Falls and joined us for the last week and visited Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, the Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve near Maun in Botswana.

Azra from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Einfach Fantastisch!

Margit came along with Hans from Austria. Her story is in German. Don’t worry. She enjoyed the trip!

Margit from Austria

Flying in Africa Makes you a better Pilot

Melanie joins us regularly as volunteer and support (pilot) team member. She is a joy to be around and she loves talking about aircraft and technology.

Melanie from The Netherlands