You want to go on safari. Should you book the lodges and safaris yourselves or book through a specialized Tour Operator? We, as African Flying Adventures, offer both group tours as well as assist those that want to go on a private safari. If you go on a group tour, you get the opportunity to share your experiences with others in the group around the campfire at night and to make new friends along the way.

Qualified guides

All our own group tours are guided by one or more qualified guide(s) who come along and who are available to provide support, answer questions and assist. When things don’t go as planned, they are right there to reach out and solve the issue(s) at hand backed up by our office team in South Africa which is available 24/7 while you are on tour. We follow all flights and aircraft through a satellite link connecting all the participating aircraft to our office support team.

We combine your research and ideas with our experience on the ground to propose to you the optimal safari experience if you are interested in going on a private (non-group) safari. These personalized safaris are not per definition more expensive than if you would book the lodges and safaris directly yourselves. The reason is that we get a discount as a Tour Operator, which allows us to offer you our services while still maintaining more or less the same prices as if you would book direct. If you join one of our group tours, the prices we offer are a bit higher due to the guides coming along on the tour with a support aircraft or vehicle.

Hidden Gems

You get the opportunity to experience and visit hidden gems and special places which might otherwise not be easily accessible to you or the general public. That is because we have sometimes access to private land, exclusive game reserves and places through our local friends and partnerships. Together with our local partners, we can offer you a unique experience.

Travel Insurance

Booking through us as a Dutch Tour Operator means that your Tour falls under the “STO-garantiefonds,” which is a Dutch travel insurance fund for Tour Operators that guarantees your Tour. If you run into issues or emergencies while on tour, you have us standing by to help you out.